Cryptowild Druids is a collection of unique hand-drawn NFTs inspired by fantasy and role-playing games.

An Evolving Story

Cryptowild Druids is a series of NFT projects that explores the story of the Cryptowilds, its inhabitants and the corruption that threatens the land.

Inspired by fantasy role-playing games, this world we have created goes beyond a singular NFT project. It is an opportunity to tell the story of the Cryptowilds, it's inhabitants and their battle against the Corruption.

Cryptowild Druids is an evolving, interactive project - much like a choose your own adventure. We encourage people to escape to the wilds, join the battle and potentially shape the story through purchasing our NFTs and engaging in the community.

Escape to the wilds

The Cryptowilds, a flourishing and verdant virtual grove, are home to many mystical beings, including a circle of Druids who harness a deep connection with the world around them to protect and nurture the wilds. At the wild's outskirts, a Corruption grows, draining the natural life of all that it touches, reanimating it as an undead shadow of what it once was.

Wielding their connection to nature, the Druids are among the only beings powerful enough to fight back against this Corruption and protect these lively and colourful wilds against the encroaching darkness.

4 Unique Origins

The Druids draw their power and abilities from nature itself - whether that be the untameable forces of the elements or the unknowable energy of the cosmos. In order to conquer the growing corruption, Druids of 4 different Origins must work together in harmony:


With each NFT minted, a new Druid joins the battle against the Corruption. Collecting Druids from all 4 Origins boosts the Druid's power and allows you access to the Inner Circle.

This is the beginning of their story — and your opportunity to escape to the wilds.


Druids who are Star-Touched share a deep connection with the cosmos, drawing their power from constellations and crystals. This connection allows them some degree of foresight, and as such they are regarded as mysterious and enigmatic, often only sharing this knowledge in cryptic ways. Star-Touched Druids value knowledge, spirituality and mystery.


The Water-Borne Druids, who once resided in the depths of the oceans, now use their mastery over water and the weather to care for and defend the Cryptowilds. Their amphibious features make them easily identifiable, and they are just as easily able to live underwater as they are on land. Water-Borne Druids value adaptability, honor, and adventure.


Forest-Fey Druids are closely attuned to the flora and fauna of the Cryptowilds, and are often seen surrounded by the Wilds' many strange creatures. Their animalistic qualities allow them to commune with the natural world around them, granting them a unique understanding of the plants and animals which thrive here. Forest-Fey Druids value harmony, community, and merriment.


The Flame-Forged Druids draw their power from the plane of fire. They are known to be aggressive and passionate, often serving the Cryptowilds as protectors. Their mastery over flame and magma are to and they are able to forge weapons from solidified molten rock. Flame-Forged Druids value strength, determination and leadership.

The Corrupted

In the fight against the Corruption, Druids who are taken by the darkness become corrupted themselves. Drained of their Origin's power, they are instead infused with an undead energy, reanimated in order to aid the Corruption as its influence spreads through the Cryptowilds.

OUr Roadmap

Growing the Cryptowilds

Building up a community around the project.

Whitelist Raffles

Through Discord and Twitter

Presale Mint

30th April

Public Sale Mint

7th May

Reveal & first story episode released

14th May

The Future

Begin preparations for next NFT drop and episodes, including discussions and polls with our community

Introducing Pets

Our second NFT drop

We will be unveiling the Cryptowild Druid's cute, collectable companions along side the next episode in the series. We will also be working on an additional utility with this drop.

The corrupted druids

Our third NFT drop

In the fight against the Corruption, Druids who are taken by the darkness, become corrupted themselves. A limited run of premium Corrupted Druid NFTs, and the next installment of story.

The Cryptowilds

Our fourth NFT drop

Discover the sprawling lands of the Cryptowilds. Each Cryptowild Druid NFT corresponds to a unique location in the Cryptowilds. Along with a new episode of story, we will release a run of NFTs exploring the Cryptowilds and it's flora.

We are working on adding additional utility to this drop, potentially in the form of an interactive map

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a NFT?


NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are like ownership records for a digital asset such as a photo, video or audio file. They are usually unique and each NFT in a collection may hold a higher or lower value based on that NFTs set of attributes, often called "rarity". If you want to learn more you can watch some youtube videos (such as this one) or come to discord and chat with our friendly team.

What blockchain will you be using and what currency?


The Ethereum Blockchain, there are pros and cons to different blockchains but we have chosen it because it is the most popular. If you want to learn more come and join our discord or follow us on social media.

What is the smart contract address?


The smart contract address is here. All minting will be done through our valid website address.

How many NFT's are there in the Druids collection?


In this drop there will be: 4000 NFTs, of these 100 will be 'Artist Picks' and 4 will be named characters from the story.

What does minting mean?


Minting is the of bringing the NFTs into existence. We will write some code, known as the smart contract, which will allow you to mint CryptoWild Druids through our website. Once the minting process has been completed you may sell, buy or trade on the public marketplace known as OpenSea. We will have two stages of minting, the first of which called pre-sale minting which will open to only early participants of our Discord through a process called "whitelisting". The second stage will be where the remaining NFTs will be sold to the public, which is aptly named "Public Sale".

What is the minting date?


30th April for Pre-sale/WL
7th May Public sale

What is the minting price?


At this stage, 0.02ETH for WL and 0.03ETH for public sale.

What is your utility?


Cryptowild Druids is a story based NFT project. Our plan is to release an 'episode' of story along with each drop, that will explore the lore of the themes illustrated in our NFTs.

Along with the reveal of our inaugural NFT drop, we will release the first episode of story. In this episode we introduce the Cryptowilds, some key characters and the corruption that threaten them.

All NFT holders will have access to the episode that is released with the NFT they have purchased, as well as all episodes that are released prior to their purchase. Holders will also obtain a WL position for future drops, and have access to any further utility added to this project

How do I go about purchasing a CryptoWild Druid NFT?


As mentioned under the "What does minting mean?" there will be an initial pre-sale of NFT's followed by a public sale of NFTs which will happen on this website. All you have to have is a Metamask wallet with enough Ether to purchase an NFT + transaction fees then mint right here on this website! Once the minting has concluded you may buy, sell, trade on the marketplace known as OpenSea. If you want to learn more come and join our discord or follow us on social media and we can help you get started.

Where can I learn more about the project or community, or how do I get involved?


Follow us on socials or get stuck in on our growing discord server.

Can I trade my CryptoWild Druid NFT?


Yes, there are a few marketplaces where you can buy and sell CryptoWild Druids (after minting is complete) but we recommend OpenSea. Remember that if you own one of each type you will be invited to the inner circle and everyone owning a Druid at the time of launch of the CryptoWild Pets will be entitled to mint one.

Who are We?

Cryptowild Druids is a project created by two friends from New Zealand, with a love for video games, fantasy and art, and an interest in crypto and NFTs.

We are inspired by the natural environment around us - from dense, native forests, to pristine beaches - our creative vision is to build a project where fantasy and escapism meets the reality of the natural world that we live in. In fantasy, druids are beings who draw their powers from nature - harnessing a connection with the elements, plants and animals, and using it for protection, healing and other magical abilities.

Through this project we hope to explore what is possible with the blockchain so that we can create more solutions, games and art in the future, while also sharing something uniquely New Zealand with the rest of the world.


Founder & Developer

Kowen had an interest in computers from an early age, now grown up and still not grown out of it. Outside of work and projects, he enjoys renovating and redecorating his house and going to crossfit.


Founder & Artist

Anita is a digital creative, working in many different mediums including graphic design, web development and illustration. She specialises in "making things look cool" and coming up with countless Dungeons & Dragons characters that will never be played.


Community Manager

Amy is a multidisciplinary creative and idea enthusiast. Working in Graphic Design, Illustration and Social Media Marketing, Amy can be found either creating something, or getting way too excited about someone else creating something.

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